Embedded Picture Mnemonics, English…

NZD 17.99

Embedded Picture Mnemonics, English Set 2

NZD 17.99


Embedded picture mnemonics are more effective for teaching children letter sounds than alphabet pictures which are not embedded in the letter shape (Kilpatrick, 2015). Teachers must take care to ensure that children’s phonemic awareness skills are also being supported when introducing the embedded picture mnemonics, as the images are not likely to be effective for children who cannot yet segment sounds (i.e. identify that the vowel sound in train is “ay”).

The images provided in this resource cover vowel and consonant digraphs (and trigraphs), for 21 speech sounds (phonemes). Common digraph and trigraph spellings of the sounds were selected for this resource (single letter and VCE spellings were excluded). Single letter spellings can be found in Embedded Picture Mnemonics Part 1.

Printing: There are two options for printing.

  • Pages 3-14 are for portrait orientation cards with spellings listed on the backs of the cards.
  • Pages 15-20 are landscape orientation (larger images for classroom displays).

Format: PDF

Pages: 20


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