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Teletherapy Update

Teletherapy Update: The Bubblicious and Bubbleawful

I’m starting to lose track of what week it is since starting therapy, and it’s starting to feel a little more normal around here. I’ve found that my therapy started out very complicated and high tech as I tried to get on board with all the crazy awesome things that are available, only to chill out a bit more by introducing some low tech elements, while sticking to mostly boom cards, PDFs and iPad apps. I hope you have managed to lean into your own style and find a rhythm a bit more too.

In New Zealand we have been referring to the group of people we are in contact with as our “bubble”, and I was recently introduced to the terms bubblicious (the good) and bubbleawful (the not so good) through a colleague. I thought it was kind of a fun way of talking about our experiences in our bubbles, so I thought I would share some of mine with you:

Bubblicious (the good)
1) Spending more time with Hayden and Hugo. Plus the isolation outfit choices of mostly sweatpants everyday is giving me a bit of nostalgia around our university exam time days. 
2) Giving the environment a “break” from our over consumption  (and the sweet silence of having minimal trucks and cars on the road).
3) Being thrown in the deep end with this teletherapy thing has enabled us all to learn a new skill in a relatively short period of time (please pat yourselves on the back). In the future this may also open up access to services to those in more rural locations. 

Bubbleawful (the bad)
1) Eye strain with so much added computer time. Hayden recently installed an eye strain reducer on my computer called F.Lux (highly recommended).
2) The teletherapy blunders that come with learning a new skill and learning what works/doesn’t work for your clients.
3) Isolation from family and friends (Hayden and I are looking forward to our next trip home to see our family and our mountain “Taranaki”)

As you may know, I have been making some interactive digital versions of my resources which are freely available if you already have the PDF copy. These are also reduced for the remainder of the month (discount code is teletherapytools).
This is also a little announcement that I think I’ve reached the end of the line with my Boom Cards for now, and won’t be making any further digital adaptations for the next little while. I am returning to my one true love (which admittedly isn’t making teletherapy specific things, but comprehensive PDF resources  – sorry!)

All the best, and stay safe!

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