Phonological Awareness

NZD 15.99

Phonological Awareness

NZD 15.99



Many children who have speech and language difficulties also present with poor phonological awareness. Phonological awareness skills have long been associated with literacy outcomes, with good phonological awareness skills promoting later success in reading. Direct phonological awareness instruction can enhance literacy skills in this population.

This pack includes activities around rhyme, syllables, and phonemes (individual sounds) with each subsection arranged in approximate order of difficulty.

Product Includes:

  • Rhyme puzzles
  • Rhyme identification helper
  • Rhyme cards
  • Rhyme identification bubbles
  • Rhyme riddles
  • Rhyme generation pages
  • Blending syllables
  • Syllable puzzles
  • Count the syllables
  • Syllable deletion
  • Blending two sounds
  • Blending three sounds
  • Blending consonant clusters
  • Beginning, middle, and final sound identification helper
  • Beginning, middle, and final sound identification cards
  • Sound segmentation puzzles
  • Sound segmentation helpers
  • Two sound segmentation cards
  • Three sound segmentation cards
  • Consonant clusters segmentation cards
  • Sound deletion
  • First sound manipulation
  • Last sound manipulation
  • Last sound manipulation

Format: PDF

Pages: 63


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