Word Shapes

NZD 15.99

Word Shapes

NZD 15.99



This resource contains images that can be used to teach children to articulate different word shapes e.g. consonant-vowel words, all the way through to s-blends and multisyllabic words. This pack is ideal for working with children who have Childhood Apraxia of Speech. Transition pages are provided to help children move from simplistic word shapes to more complex forms. Both speech cards and no prep target pages are included in this pack.

Product Includes:

  • CV/VC cards
  • CVC cards
  • CVCV cards
  • CVCVC cards
  • S blend Cards
  • L blend cards
  • R blend cards
  • Multisyllabic cards
  • CV to CVC transition pages
  • CV to CVCV transition pages
  • Combining CV and VC words
  • CV sequencing tracks
  • CVCVC transition pages
  • S-blend transitions
  • Combining two CVC words
  • Phrase to sentence level VC/CVC display
  • Phrase to sentence level CVC displays
  • Phrase to sentence level CVCV/CVCVC displays
  • Phrase to sentence level multisyllabic words display
  • Phrase to sentence level s-blends display

Format: PDF

Pages: 46


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