Speech Quiz

NZD 3.99

Speech Quiz

NZD 3.99

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This resource contains questions designed to elicit the r, l, s, z, ch, j, k, g, th, and sh sounds. During speech therapy, many children struggle with generalization of skills from structured sound practice, to less structured storytelling or conversational tasks.

These cards are designed to be used as a “bridge” between structured practice and conversation. The cards have no “specific” answer, however it is likely that the child’s sound will be included in the answer. You might like to talk to the child before using the cards, e.g. “Let’s do this quiz, when you answer your question, think hard about your s sound”. Depending on the child you could also make the rules that in order to get the points, your target sound needs to be correct. If you are playing like this, make sure you make lots of mistakes yourself too!

Product Includes:

  • 232 quiz cards for the r, l, s, z, ch, j, k, g, th, and sh sounds.

Format: PDF

Pages: 31


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