Evidence Based Narrative Intervention

NZD 62.99

Evidence Based Narrative Intervention

NZD 62.99


Narrative intervention has been shown to be an effective intervention for children who have language delays and disorders. Working on Narrative development supports academic abilities such as reading comprehension and writing skills, along with providing social benefits such as being able to share personal stories with others.

This resource aligns with the current research on best practice for teaching narrative skills to children.

It contains:

  • Story grammar icons (cards and flips)
  • Storyboards (printable templates for story construction)
  • Microstructure cards
  • Microstructure activities for complex sentences, taking perspective, vocabulary analysis and descriptive language.
  • 20 stories with consistently structured picture sequences (character > problem > feeling > plan > action one > outcome > action two > ending). Each picture sequence contains 8 pictures but can be simplified to contain fewer pictures depending on the needs of the child.
  • Each story has been written at various language levels (four different levels of complexity per story), and further suggestions of target vocabulary and complex sentences have been made for each story.

This is a comprehensive resource to address narrative skills. My hope is that it enhances your therapy sessions and makes your life easier and when working on narratives!

Format: PDF

Pages: 90


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