Regular Past Tense

NZD 21.99

Regular Past Tense

NZD 21.99


Using regular past tense endings can be a significant challenge for some children. Regular past tense endings are often subtle, and the reason for the use of the particular ending is often not explicitly taught. English speaking children who have difficulties with grammar often omit regular -ed endings e.g. “I walk (ed) to the shop”. This resource targets over 40 regular past tense verbs, and groups verbs by telicity, and phonological complexity. Research has shown that selecting your target verbs based on these features is highly important for treatment efficacy. 29 of the pages of content focus on a single verb and provide three clear pictures/picture sequences demonstrating the verb being completed, along with ideas and advice for parents regarding how to transfer the learning into everyday situations.

This pack contains:

  • Research summary and guidelines on target selection
  • Parent handout of evidence based cuing strategy
  • 40 pages of picture stimuli, and parent instructions, including ideas for parents to transfer learning into everyday life and/or engineer situations to work on particular verbs

Pages: 44

Format: PDF


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