Third Person Singular

NZD 13.99

Third Person Singular

NZD 13.99


The core purpose of this resource is to target regular third person singular, which is used accurately by typically developing children by around 26-46 months of age (Brown, 1973). The first group of cards target the verb without an object e.g. “she scrubs”. At least two examples of how an action can be completed are provided per “card” so that the adult can first model the form, and prompt the child to produce the second form. Sentence completion can be used for prompting e.g. “Mmm, I wonder how they get to school, she buses, but he…” Cards are also provided for sentences with the same verb but different objects e.g. “he eats toast, but she eats cereal”.

Other areas this product could target include vocabulary of low frequency verbs, understanding and answering “how” questions, and using he/she pronouns.

A parent handout for an evidence based cuing strategy to support generalisation of grammatical forms is also provided.

This pack contains:

  • Parent handout of cuing strategy
  • 52 “cards” (can also be used as digital stimuli or a printed sheet to be glued in a scrapbook)
  • Multiple picture stimuli is printed on the cards which target the form without an object e.g. she chomps, he dives.

Pages: 13

Format: PDF


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