Vocabulary: Food & Drink

NZD 16.99

Vocabulary: Food & Drink

NZD 16.99


This resource is ideal for teaching a range of food and drink vocabulary and categorisation skills. Category activities are provided from easy (e.g. foods/drinks) to advanced levels (e.g. fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy, grains – healthy vs unhealthy foods).

This pack contains:

  • Flashcards for 114 different foods/drinks
  • Category displays for taste, texture, food group, health, like/dislike, time of day for eating, and place (fridge/pantry).
  • 9 “odd one out” activities
  • Two characters to feed (a monster and a cat), plus visual sentences for relevant phrases and sentences.
  • 4 x print and go single page activities: Pack the lunchbox, make a cake, make a salad, and make a fruit salad.

Pages: 75

Format: PDF


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