Semantic Links

NZD 8.99

Semantic Links

NZD 8.99


Semantic Links refer to the ways that words and concepts are related to each other. Forming numerous appropriate semantic links facilitates effective storage of new vocabulary, and efficient retrieval. This type of support is particularly useful when working with children who present with delayed vocabulary and word finding difficulties e.g. talking around words “that’s a, you know, the yellow one”, overuse of non-specific vocabulary, and other “tip of the tongue” behaviors.

The materials provided in this pack are indented to be used as an introduction to semantic links which is appropriate for development of skills in preschool children, and children with delayed language.

Other uses include facilitating early reasoning/explaining why the items go together, learning about nouns, and object naming.

This pack contains:

  • 42 images (21 pairs) of items that have strong semantic relationships e.g. hands and gloves, pen and paper, baby and bottle, toothbrush and toothpaste.

Pages: 9

Format: PDF


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