Vocabulary: Animals

NZD 13.99

Vocabulary: Animals

NZD 13.99



Sorting items into categories is a great way to help children gain a deeper understanding of new vocabulary items, and to learn new words more efficiently.

This resource is ideal for teaching a range of animal vocabulary and categorisation skills. Category activities are provided from easy (e.g. water/land animals, fur/scales) to advanced levels (e.g. carnivores/herbivores, find the odd one out and explain).

Product Includes:

  • Flashcards for 66 different animals (including birds, farm animals, wild animals, fish etc).
  • Full page environment category displays (farm, zoo, wild etc.)
  • Additional sorting displays for diet, environment, type of feet (e.g. hooves), and coat characteristics.
  • 9 “odd one out” activities
  • 12 animal sound cards

Pages: 42

Format: PDF


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